Privacy notice

  • GB Life Luxembourg does not use your personal data to do direct marketing.
  • GB Life Luxembourg will not sell your personal data


GB Life Luxembourg takes care in handling your personal details

We recommend that you read this information carefully, so that you know the purposes for which GB Life Luxembourg uses your data. This privacy statement also contains more information about your privacy rights and how you can exercise them.

Your privacy is very important to us. Our aim is to process your personal data in a manner that is lawful, appropriate and transparent. In this privacy statement, we explain which of your personal details we collect from you as a natural person and then process.

You can find more information about the Luxembourgish privacy legislation on the website of the Luxembourgish Data Protection Authority (CNPD) at


  • GB Life Luxembourg is an insurance company operating in Luxembourg and a selection of countries in the European Union. GB Life Luxembourg has its registered office at 3, rue Jean Piret, L-2350 Luxembourg.
  • GB Life Luxembourg focuses principally on retail clients, SMEs and high net worth clients, and is active mainly in Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Italy and France (More information on the activities of GB Life Luxembourg is available at
  • GB Life Luxembourg is the controller as regards to personal data and does not process personal data on behalf of other entities. GB Life Luxembourg processes your personal details as policyholder, insured person or payee of those contracts.
  • GB Life Luxembourg confirms that the company will use external providers to process the personal data on its behalf, in order to duly fulfil and perform all obligations under the Policy. GB Life shall use only processors providing sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures in such a manner that processing will meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and ensure the protection of the Policyholders’ rights. GB Life Luxembourg confirms, as Data Controller, that processors will act under its authority and shall only process personal data insofar as strictly necessary for the performance of the services contracted.


Contact GB Life Luxembourg if you have any questions about the processing of your data

  • You have the right to access, delete, modify or correct your personal data by submitting a substantiated, written request to GB Life at
  • If you have any questions about privacy or if you would like to change your privacy settings or exercise your rights, you can contact GB Life Luxembourg on (00352) 27 05 27 05.
  • If you would like to inspect the data that GB Life Luxembourg processes about you, let us know. You can view some of the data directly yourself. If you exercise your right of inspection, GB Life Luxembourg will give you a list of your data. If you disagree with how GB Life Luxembourg invokes its legitimate interests to process certain data, you can object.
  • In order for GB Life to be able to properly answer your queries, be as specific as possible any time you wish to exercise your rights. GB Life Luxembourg will need to verify your identity in as much detail as possible in case someone else tries to exercise your rights. We may therefore ask you to provide ID when such a request is made.


GB Life Luxembourg has many reasons for processing your personal data

GB Life Luxembourg has to compulsory comply with certain legal obligations

  • The laws governing insurance policies in general or special insurance arrangements in particular oblige insurance companies to prepare policy documents and to keep them on record throughout certain statutory retention periods.
  • The legislation on insurance distribution obliges insurance companies and intermediaries to analyse the desires and needs of potential policyholders when preparing the signature of the contracts. It is sometimes necessary to categorise clients in the course of doing so. Natural persons are automatically classified as non-business clients though they may be regarded as being in the business category under certain conditions. Insurance companies offering savings-type and investment-type insurance, depending on the client type, they have to gather information about the client’s knowledge and experience, financial capacity, investment objectives and attitude to risk/return in relation to the products offered.
  • Insurance companies must deploy all possible means to prevent and uncover money laundering and report it to the authorities. GB Life Luxembourg therefore has to take the necessary steps for this, at both centralised and local levels.
  • Specifically, for life insurance policies, GB Life Luxembourg is required to
    • (i) identify you as a client, representative or ultimate beneficial owner;
    • (ii) determine your profile (in relation to the risk of money laundering), which involves collating various personal and business details, such as whether you’re a politically exposed person;
    • (iii) check your actions and transactions and prevent certain transactions and report them to the Financial Intelligence Processing Unit.
  • GB Life Luxembourg stores the information that it is required to hold by law to prevent, discover and/or report abuse of inside information or market manipulation and to report suspicious transactions to the government. In the context of the fight against terrorism and the sanctions rules, insurance companies are required to screen client details against sanctions lists. Transactions are also monitored. In some cases, underlying documents are requested and payments may be held back.


GB Life Luxembourg must be able to perform a contract correctly

  • The performance of insurance contracts include the administration of insurance policies, collecting payment of premiums, processing claims, assessing cover in relation to claims based on investigations, whether involving loss adjusters or otherwise, contacts with other relevant parties (such as other insurers, parties liable for causing damage, insured, beneficiaries, etc.), loss assessment, claims settlement, defending and determining the extent of the parties’ rights by way of court action, etc.
  • GB Life Luxembourg sometimes requires to submit certain personal details to internal or external specialists for an assessment of losses to which value can be attributed, as also to relevant third parties (such as co-insurers and re-insurance companies, lawyers or relevant government agencies).
  • GB Life Luxembourg works with a diversified distribution network of exclusive and independent insurance agents. GB Life Luxembourg also works together with a number of insurance brokers. To ensure a proper level of service, it is important to share data within that distribution network.


GB Life Luxembourg has to be able to function as a business (This is known as its ‘legitimate interests’)

In addition to the purposes set out above, GB Life Luxembourg, as a commercial business, also has a number of legitimate interests that form the basis for processing personal data. In that regard, GB Life Luxembourg ensures that the impact on your privacy is kept to a minimum and that, in all events, GB Life Luxembourg legitimate interests remains proportionate to the impact that upholding them has on your privacy.

GB Life Luxembourg uses the basic data to develop risk and other models, and to produce statistics; in all these cases, links to identifiable individuals are ruptured as soon as practicable. GB Life Luxembourg may develop these models for different purposes: client analysis, fraud analysis, process analysis, risk analysis, etc., and may subsequently apply them either generically or to individuals.

For example: Personal data can be used as evidence (stored records), it can be used for ascertaining, exercising and safeguarding the rights of GB Life Luxembourg or of those it represents (e.g. in disputes).


GB Life Luxembourg does not keep your data forever

GB Life uses your personal data where GB Life has a clear aim in mind. Once that aim no longer exists, we delete the data. Law defines the period for which your personal data has to be retained. The period can be up to 30 years corresponding the prescription period in relation to some rights linked to a life insurance policy.


Marc Stevens

Chief Marketing & Distribution Officer (CMDO)

Marc Stevens has extended experience in international insurance industry. Before taking on the role of Director of Marketing and Distribution at GB Life Luxembourg in November 2018, he worked for ABB Insurances and OHRA Leven (Delta Lloyd Life) where he was Commercial Director. Following that, he was General Manager at VITIS LIFE and then CEO of OneLife Luxembourg. He is a visiting professor for the Master’s in Personal Financial Planning course at the Management School of the University of Antwerp. Marc holds a Master’s degree in criminology from the Catholic University of Louvain and a postgraduate diploma in Marketing from the Business School of the University of Antwerp.

José Bustillo

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

José Bustillo has a long-standing experience in managing and auditing complex and large projects in back-office operations environments. He joined GB Life Luxembourg in 2017 as Chief Operation Officer after more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry among others with Euroclear. Prior to joining GB Life Management Team, José was a partner with a risk management specialized consultancy firm, now part of McKinsey & Company. His main focus was on Solvency II. José holds a Civil Engineering degree from the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Gaëlle Leclaire

Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

Gaëlle Leclaire has 20 years of experience in the life insurance sector. She started her career as a financial auditor in France before moving to Luxembourg. She has previously worked for Mazars, PWC and ABN AMRO Life S.A.. She joined GB Life Luxembourg in 2008 and joined the Board in 2009 as CFO. She took over the position of COO in 2015, where she was also responsible for Product Management. In 2017, she took over the position of Chief Legal and Compliance Officer within GB Life Luxembourg. Gaëlle is graduated from a Business School and has professional certification in Accountancy and Finance.

Will Romero

Member of the Board

Will has served in leadership positions at Financial Guaranty, Benfield, Swiss RE, Ernst & Young and New York Life. Most recently, he created Factor Re, a low cost and efficient financing vehicle for the embedded value in life insurance blocks. Will holds a B.A. with honors from Yale University, a J.D. from the University of Colorado, and an LL.M. in Taxation from New York University.

Matteo Castelvetri

Member of the Board

Matteo spent 19 years in Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. As a Managing Director of Morgan Stanley’s Financial Institution Group, he led the European Insurance effort and held primary coverage responsibility for several European large cap insurers. He has advised on over 50 transactions and has originated and executed some of the most prominent insurance M&A events, restructuring and IPOs in Europe. Matteo started his career at Goldman Sachs as a government bond and distressed debt investor first and then as an advisor to banks and insurers. He received a summa cum laude Bachelor Degree in Economics from Bocconi University in Milan and also holds a Bachelor Degree in Classical Guitar.

Victor Rod

Chairman of the Board

Victor Rod earned a law degree at University of Nancy (France) in 1973. After a short period as an attorney at the Luxembourg bar, he served as secretary general of the Luxembourg insurance companies association (ACA).

In 1980 he was appointed first full time director of the Luxembourg insurance supervisory authority (Commissariat aux assurances). He has been the longest serving head of an insurance supervisor in Europe until his retirement on 31.12.2014

Victor served as Alternate Chair of the European Insurance and Occupational Pension Authority (EIOPA) headquartered in Frankfurt since its inception until his retirement.(2010 – 2014)

He was also Luxembourg’s delegate at European Insurance and Occupational Pension Committee (EIOPC) in Brussels and a member of the executive committee of the global standard setter in insurance matters International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) in Basel.

Victor served as a chairman of a Luxembourg Bank for 25 years. In addition to serving as chairman and independent director of GBLife, Victor is sitting on the board of a large domestic retail insurance company and he has a 20 years experience as a non-executive board member of World’s largest satellite operator.

Since 2015, Victor serves as Of Counsel with Luxembourg’s largest independent law firm Arendt & Medernach (A & M) where he mainly advises on insurance and reinsurance legal, regulatory and technical matters.

Christophe Hucque

Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Christophe Hucque has an extensive experience in the insurance domain. Christophe joined GB Life Luxembourg (formerly ING Life Luxembourg) in 2000 as Actuary. Since 2006, he has covered several leading position within GB Life Luxembourg. He joined the Management Team in 2006 as CFO/CRO. Between 2007 and 2009, he combined the CFO position for both ING Life Luxembourg and ING Variable Annuities Europe (The Hague, NL), dealing with the Europe-wide roll-out of the Variable Annuities product suite. Christophe moved to the COO position in 2009 where he was also responsible for Product Management and the commercial relationship with ING Bank. He has been back in the CFO position since 2015, also responsible for Risk between 2015 and 2017. Christophe holds several degrees in Mathematics and in Actuarial Sciences.

Pieter Coopmans

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), GB Life Luxembourg

Pieter Coopmans has over 20 years of experience in the insurance and banking industries, in different leadership positions. Before joining GB Life Luxembourg in 2012 as Chief Executive Officer and Dirigeant Agréé, he held management/executive roles in leading financial service providers such as NN Group, Zurich Financial Services, SNS Reaal and ING Group. Pieter has played a key role in the disentanglement and rebranding process of GB Life from the ING/NN Group and the repositioning of the company in the cross border life insurance space. Under his responsibility, the leadership team prepared and executed the sale of GB Life to an affiliate of Global Bankers Insurance Group in 2017. Pieter holds a Bachelor in BA from European University and a Master in BA from Nyenrode University in Breukelen.